Path B: Graduate Students

  1. R.E. Johnston, PhD. Physics 1968. Physical Problems Inherent in Quantitative In Vivo Dosimetry of Radiopharmaceuticals.
  2. E.C. Cook, PhD. Elect. Engin. 1968. A Digital Data Acquisition System for Use in Nuclear Medicine Scanning and Whole-Body Counting.
  3. A.B. Davis, MS. Physics 1968. Simulation of Calcium Kinetics in Normal Humans Utilizing SAAM -A Digital Computer Program modified for use on an IBM 7094 System.
  4. S. Riggs, MS. Physics 1968. Applications of Optical Data Processing in Nuclear Medicine – 2D Spatial Filtering.
  5. M.A. Pick, MS. Physics 1968. Analysis of Acetyl Choline in Biological Samples by Neutron Activation Analysis.
  6. C.V. Kosik, MS. Physics 1971. Experimental Model for the Evaluation of Different Tumor-Localizing Radiopharmaceuticals.
  7. R. Rolfes, MS. Physics 1971. Comparisons of the Response Characteristics of a Lithium Drifted Germanium Detector and a Sodium-Iodide Detector Scanning System.
  8. J.R. Watts, PhD Physics 1971. Methods for Quantitative Assay of Radioactivity in Man.
  9. J. Gerth, MS. Elec. Engin. 1971. Frequency Domain Deconvolution of Spatially Variant and Invariant Radionuclide Images.
  10. N.C. Dyer, PhD Physics 1972. Human Fetal Radiation Dose from Fe-59 Administered to the Mother During Pregnancy.
  11. J. Erickson, PhD Physics 1972. Applications of Computers and Digital Techniques in Clinical and Investigative Nuclear Medicine.
  12. J. Patton, PhD Physics 1972. New Approaches to the Imaging of Distributions of Stable and Radioactive Tracers Within the Body.
  13. R.P. Koshakji, PhD Biochemistry 1972. Biochemical Mechanisms and the Possible Role of Minerals in Salicylate Toxicology.
  14. Y. Hwang, MS. Physics 1973. I-127 Fluorescence Studies and I-125 Emission Studies Using a Lithium-Drifted Silicon Detection System.
  15. J.D. Johannes, MS. Oper. Res. 1975. A Computer-aided Nuclear Medicine Patient Scheduling and Reporting System.
  16. W.L. Dunn, MS. Physics 1975. Time of Flight Localization of Positron-Emitting Isotopes.
  17. M.B. Hertz, PhD Chem. Engin. 1975. Dosimetric and Flow Analyses of a 100Ci Sr-90 Blood Irradiator.
  18. J. Jones, PhD Physics 1976. In-Vivo Evaluation of Standard Man Model Absorbed Fractions Using Tc-99mSC.
  19. E. Eastwold, MS. Physics 1976. Radiocontaminants in Tc-99m.
  20. D.R. Pickens III, MS. Bio Engin 1977. The Design, Construction and Preliminary Testing of a Mutually Orthogonal Coincident Focal Point Tomographic Brain Scanner.
  21. J.D. Johannes, PhD Comp. Sci. 1977. Automatic Thyroid Diagnosis via Simulation of Physician Judgement.
  22. K.H. Larsen, PhD Physics 1978. Measurement of Regional and Total Body Bone Mineral Content In-Vivo Using Transmission Scanning and Neutron Activation Analysis.
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