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Bob Baglan joined the Physics faculty working in Nuclear Medicine as their Nuclear Medicine  main point of conrtact in 1970. He was originally from Kentucky but got his PhD  in Nuclear Chemistry from UC, Berkeley. He came  directly from the UC/Livermore (LLNL) . He came with a  strong recommendations from Ed Teller, the Director of the Lawrence Livermore National Lab, and guided a number of graduate student projects involving physics and engineering topics. He went off to Washington University, St. Louis for Medical School, and after a residency in Radiation Therapy, and pursued a career thereafter in St. Louis.

Publications while at Vanderbilt.
1. Baglan, R. J., A. B. Brill, A. Schulert, D. Wilson, K. Larsen, N. Dyer, M. Mansour, W. Schaffner, L. Hoffman and J. Davies (1974). “Utility of placental tissue as an indicator of trace element exposure to adult and fetus.” Environ Res 8(1): 64-70.

2. Lubozynski, M. F., R. J. Baglan, G. R. Dyer and A. B. Brill (1972). “Sensitivity of x-ray fluorescence for trace element determinations in biological tissues.” Int J Appl Radiat Isot 23(10): 487-491.

3. Watts, J. R., J. J. Erickson, C. E. Kramer, R. E. Johnston, J. E. Lagan, R. J. Baglan and A. B. Brill (1972). “Design and evaluation of a scanning-bed whole body counter for use in clinical studies.” Health Phys 23(1): 63-66.


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