Dennis Patton, M.D.

Dennis was a Board Certified Radiologist, with a strong background in Medical Physics obtained as an undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley.  He came from the University of California, Irvine after finishing his Radiology training in 1970. He did  visionary work and published widely on cost benefit analysis. He took the lead in a number of brain and liver imaging projects. He also developed interesting and effective ways of visualizing the kinetics of blood flow by time coded color imaging. This was particularly useful in determining where to place ROIs over the heart when one needed to sample transients from isolated segments representing the different heart chambers. Bill Ashburn had approached this in a similar way. Others used two different radiolabels on MAA injected selectively in the right and left coronary arteries to separate the territories infused therefrom.  Dennis took the lead in many projects and wrote a number of papers on liver and brain imaging.  Dennis was recruited to the University of Arizona in Tucson in 1975.  Dennis retired from University of Arizona , and returned to San Francisco in 2003. He worked in a San Francisco PET imaging Center, where he died in 2007.


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