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Richard Eugene Johnston, Ph.D.



Dept:    Radiology Department, UNC.  Chapel Hill, NC

Title:    Professor, Department of Radiology

Date & Place of Birth:   November 7, 1934,   Doylestown, Ohio

Undergraduate Work:

University of Akron, Ohio

B.S. In Physics, 1956

Graduate Work:

Vanderbilt University

M.S. in Physics, 1958

Ph.D. in Physics, 1968


5/88- Retirement. Professor, Department of Radiology, UNC

Member Graduate Faculty, The University of NC.                             Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health,  Department of   Environmental Sciences and Engi­neering.

1973-1988       Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, UNC.  Associate Profes­sor, School of Public Health,                                                  Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering.

8/72-12/72     On leave: Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK

Semicon­ductor research:  Professor H. I. Glass, Medical Physics.

1968-73            Research Physicist at V.A. Hospital, Nashville, TN.

1969-73             Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology and                                         Assistant Director  of the Radioisotope Center,

1973   Associate Professor Radiology  Vanderbilt University

1967-69        Instructor, Department of Radiology and Assistant Director  of Radioiso­tope Center, Vanderbilt University.

1962-65       Pre-doctorate trainee in Radiological Health, Vanderbilt

1959-62       University of Oklahoma Medical Center, Oklahoma City,                            Instructor in Department of Radiology, RSO;                             Physicist and Super­visor clinical radioisotope Lab                             Physics consult to Oklahoma City V.A. Hospital in                                 radiation therapy.  Physics consultant to  Federal  Aviation  Agency, Oklahoma City.

1958-59         Atomics International, Conoga Park, California.  Engineer, Reactor Shielding Division.  Calculate and analyze                    shielding requirements for reactor systems including                            determination of neutron and gamma-ray distributions.

1956-58      Special fellowship in Radiological Physics academic work at   Vanderbilt University, summer session at Oak Ridge National        Laboratory in applied health physics.  One semester as lab                     assistant at Vanderbilt.


1.         American Association of Physicists in Medicine

2.         American Physics Society

3.         Society of Nuclear Medicine

4.         Society Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers

5.         Society for Computer Applications in Radiology

6.         Association of University Radiologists


1.         Medical Internal Radiation Dosimetry Committee, Society of Nuclear Medicine, 1966-76, Vice Chairman 1970-72.

2.         Council member, Southeastern Chapter Society of Nuclear Medicine, 1970-73, 1977-               78.  Treasurer 1980-83 Finance Chairman 1983-85. Pres. Elect 1988-89, Pres. 1990-91.

3.         Subcommittee #32, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements,                   1970-present.

4.         Representative of Southeastern Chapter to the Board of Directors of The American                Association of Physicists in Medicine, 1970-72.

5.         Member Summer School Committee AAPM 1976-79.

6.         Local arrangements chairman for 1979 AAPM Summer School, 1976-79.

7.         Member Committee on Training of Medical Physicists, AAPM 1976-79.

8.         Member Instrumentation Council, SNM, Secretary 1978-79, Program Chairman 1983.

9.         Member Computer Council, Society Nuclear Medicine

10.       Member Hospital Radiation Safety Committee, Chairman 1982-present.

11.       Member Committee on Low Level Radiation Effects, Society Nuclear Medicine, 1984 to 1988.


1.         Veterans Administration Hospital, Research Physicist, 1968-73.


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