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Mark Born joined the Nuclear Medicine faculty in the mid 1970s and continued  doing nuclear cardiology since then with appointments at the Nashville Veterans Administration Hospital. His research and publications extend beyond cardiology and some are listed below.

Blei, C. L., M. L. Born and F. D. Rollo (1977). “Gallium bone scan in myelofibrosis: case report.” J Nucl Med 18(5): 445-446.

Fleischer, A. C., M. L. Born, S. G. Kirchner, R. Meneely and G. W. Holcomb, Jr. (1980). “Complementary use of 99mTc-HIDA and upper abdominal sonography in diagnosing a choledochal cyst.” South Med J 73(12): 1651-1653.

Born, M. L. (1981). “Fundamentals of equilibrium gated cardiac blood pool imaging.” Clin Nucl Med 6(10S): P122-130.

Born, M. L., A. J. Gerlock, Jr., V. Goncharenko, J. W. Hollifield and R. C. MacDonell, Jr. (1981). “Radionuclide evaluation of renal artery dilatation.” Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol 4(3): 177-182.

Eskind, S. J., J. D. Massie, M. L. Born, J. P. O’Leary and H. W. Scott, Jr. (1981). “Experimental study of double staple lines in gastric partitions.” Surg Gynecol Obstet 152(6): 751-756.

Kronenberg, M. W., M. L. Born, C. W. Smith, L. Brorson, J. C. Collins, S. B. Higgins, W. K. Vaughn, F. D. Rollo, G. C. Friesinger, S. S. Pearson, J. L. Norris and O. H. Wolfe (1981). “Comparison of radionuclide and contrast ventriculography for detection and quantitation of regions of myocardial ischemia in dogs.” J Clin Invest 67(5): 1370-1382.

O’Neill, J. A., Jr., W. W. Neblett, 3rd and M. L. Born (1981). “Management of major thromboembolic complications of umbilical artery catheters.” J Pediatr Surg 16(6): 972-978.

Kronenberg, M. W., R. M. Robertson, M. L. Born, R. A. Steckley, D. Robertson and G. C. Friesinger (1982). “Thallium-201 uptake in variant angina: probable demonstration of myocardial reactive hyperemia in man.” Circulation 66(6): 1332-1338.

Parrish, M. D., T. P. Graham, Jr., M. L. Born and J. Jones (1982). “Radionuclide evaluation of right and left ventricular function in children: validation of methodology.” Am J Cardiol 49(5): 1241-1247.

Parrish, M. D., T. P. Graham, Jr., M. L. Born, J. P. Jones, R. J. Boucek, Jr. and C. L. Partain (1982). “Radionuclide ventriculography for assessment of absolute right and left ventricular volumes in children.” Circulation 66(4): 811-819.

Steckley, R. A., M. W. Kronenberg, M. L. Born, T. C. Rhea, J. E. Bateman, F. D. Rollo and G. C. Friesinger (1982). “Radionuclide ventriculography: evaluation of automated and visual methods for regional wall motion analysis.” Radiology 142(1): 179-185.

Kronenberg, M. W., R. W. Pederson, W. E. Harston, M. L. Born, H. W. Bender, Jr. and G. C. Friesinger (1983). “Left ventricular performance after coronary artery bypass surgery. Prediction of functional benefit.” Ann Intern Med 99(3): 305-313.

Parrish, M. D., T. P. Graham, Jr., M. L. Born, J. P. Jones, R. J. Boucek, Jr., M. Artman and C. L. Partain (1983). “Radionuclide stroke count ratios for assessment of right and left ventricular volume overload in children.” Am J Cardiol 51(2): 261-264.

Sacks, G. A., M. P. Sandler, M. L. Born, J. A. Clanton, J. D. Franklin and C. L. Partain (1983). “Lymphoscintigraphy as an adjunctive procedure in the perioperative assessment of patients undergoing microlymphaticovenous anastomoses.” Clin Nucl Med 8(7): 309-311.



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