Martin Sandler, M.D.

Martin Sandler came to Vanderbilt from South Africa as an Internal Medicine physician. He came as a Fellow in Endocrinology. Following its completion he enrolled in and completed his nuclear medicine residency. In 1992, when Leon Partain became Chair of the Radiology Department, Martin became Director of the Division of Nuclear Medicine. Martin’s research included many clinical nuclear medicine publications with emphasis on endocrine systems, and he stimulated several instrumentation developments with industrial collaborators. Close working relationships with El Scint in Israel led to the design and commercialization of a novel PET/SPECT dual-headed Anger camera system. He and Jim Patton evaluated its use for dual isotope single photon Tc-99m, F-18 FDG studies using a high-energy parallel hole collimator. The general consensus after experience with its use as a PET (co-incidence PET) device was that despite its thick crystal its performance in detecting small lesions was not competitive with standard PET devices. In addition, single photon images of Tc-99m were of lower resolution than those obtained with thinner crystal standard Anger cameras. Coincidence PET was not found to be useful, but GE bought the technology and upgraded it as a standard SPECT/CT system. In another collaboration, Martin worked with a different Israeli company in the design and evaluation of a novel cardiac SPECT system. The system uses multiple small solid state (CZT) cameras arrayed along a 90-degree arc. Each detector rotates at its position on the arc separately so that each points at and samples emissions from the heart region in its restricted field of view. This resulted in both increased sensitivity and resolution, and the DSPECT system gained in popularity for cardiac imaging. Martin replaced Partain as Chair of the Radiology Department in 2000 and stimulated research efforts by trainees and Faculty in the Department. A major addition to the research program was the recruitment of John Gore, and his Yale NMR research colleagues in 2002. His recruits were each given faculty appointments in Radiology, some with secondary appointments in Physics, and others in the Engineering School. To support the expanded imaging program, a new Institute, the Vanderbilt Institute of Imaging Science (VUIIS) was created in 2003.

Martin during his term as Chair of Radiology was Editor of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, and when President of the Society of Nuclear Medicine was also the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs at Vanderbilt. Jeremy Kay replaced Martin in 2006 when there was a change in Medical Center leadership, at which time Martin returned to the Department as a faculty member doing clinical nuclear medicine, after a sabbatical year getting updated on X-ray CT interpretation. See further information on the Vanderbilt Radiology Website.


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