Randy Brill, MD., Ph.D.

Now: Picture taken 2012

Randy was born in New York, and lived there through High School.  College:   Grinnell, Iowa AB 1949; Medical School, Univ. of Utah, SLC 1956, Graduate School in Berkeley (PhD. Biophysics) 1961; From 1957 -64 he was in the  U.S. Public Health Service. In the PHS he was responsible for  a series of radiation epidemiology studies (including an international multi center study of late effects of I-131).  The first two years in the PHS were in Japan studying leukemia in the A-bomb survivors with Bob Heyssel.  He joined Bob Heyssel at Vanderbilt in 1964, as Assoc. Prof. of Medicine, Radiology and Physics. Together they studied the late effects of Fe-59 in children included in the earlier Hahn studies, along with many studies quantitating tracer metabolism in patients with different diseases.  Many of the studies used the whole body counter, after it was modified to quantify organ uptake and bio distribution. Computer systems were designed and used for instrumentation developments and applications. Methods were developed and applied to teaching, patient management, data acquisition, analysis and imaging applications. New detector materials were used and evaluated for imaging and analysis tasks.

In 1979, after a 1year sabbatical at the University College of London (UCL), Randy moved to Brookhaven National Lab (BNL) in New York, as Sr. Scientist in the Medical Department, Nuclear Medicine Program coordinator, and Prof of Radiology at SUNY, Stony Brook. At BNL his efforts were directed at instrument development, and testing new in vitro and in vivo uses of gamma emitting radiopharmaceuticals and supporting the PET program led by the Chemistry Department. He was the physician responsible   for patient and animal studies at the National Synchrotron Light Source and the Tandem Van der Graff  for studies imaging trace elements in people and biological samples. Studies included phase contrast x-ray imaging, and in vivo cardiovascular imaging using mono energetic x-rays at the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) in collaborations with visiting scientists. A study done in collaboration with Sidney Colowick at Vanderbilt compared the effects of Al on brain glucose metabolism in an Alzheimer disease model.

A dual opposed gamma camera with a 1″ thick NaI crystal previously purchased for imaging the stopping region in the brain in patients irradiated with 200 Mev protons was tested for combined PET and SPECT imaging (UNICON), The absence of programmable digitized electronics on gamma camera components, later available,  precluded combined PET and SPECT imaging applications.

In 1987, when the BNL Research Hospital was closed,  Randy went to the University of Massachusetts in Worcester, as Professor, and Research Director in the Nuclear Medicine Department. In addition to clinical duties, he and  research colleagues carried out a series of radiopharmaceutical  therapy and dosimetry studies. These were done with radiochemists (Hnatowich et al), imaging scientists (King et al), and dosimetrists (Mardirossian, Bushe, and King) and many other talented collaborators (Magne Aas, Aldo Rescigno, Tom Griffin, and visiting scientists from Japan. At Age 69, after ten years, Randy retired, and returned to Vanderbilt.

Since 1997, Randy’s major activities involve  dosimetry research on site with Mike Stabin, and as a member of the SNM MIRD Committee.  Epidemiology studies continue in collaboration with NCI (Thyroid effects of I-131 from Chernobyl and occupational radiation risk studies). He was a member of several National Academy of Sciences Committees analyzing the effects of radioactive fallout; risks to the environment from contamination at  different U.S. Weapons sites; formulating recommendations for compensation to workers  (RECA); as well as National Council on Radiation Protection Committees, the most recent involving Uncertainties in the estimation of radiation risk and the probability of causation.  Most recently, Randy spends much of his time working on a web page on the History of Nuclear Medicine at Vanderbilt, and a study of risks to a million man population of radiation exposed veterans; and another studies on a large NIH cohort of radiology technologists.

1945-49 Grinnell College, A.B. with Honors in Chemistry and Zoology.
1949-52 Graduate Student Physics/Biophysics at Donner Lab, Berkeley, CA.
1952-56 University of Utah Medical School. 1956 M.D.
1956-57 Internal Medicine Internship. Salt Lake General Hospital, Salt Lake City UT.
1957-1964 USPHS Officer. 1957-59 Hiroshima/Nagasaki Japan: Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission (Medicine and Statistics).
1959-61 Research Fellow, University of California, Berkeley. 1961 PhD Biophysics.
1961-64 Assistant Professor Radiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and Department of Radiology, and Chief Radiation Epidemiology Section, Research Branch, Division of Radiological Health, USPHS, Rockville, MD. PI: USPHS International Cooperative Thyrotoxicosis Therapy Follow-up Study.
1964-72 Associate Professor Medicine, Radiology, Physics, and Biomedical Engineering, Vanderbilt University.
1972 AMA Nuclear Medicine Board Certified
1972-79 Professor Radiology and Physics, Vanderbilt University
1979-87 Sr. Scientist, and Nuclear Medicine Program Coordinator, Brookhaven National Lab, Professor Radiology State University of New York, Stony Brook.
1987-97 Professor Nuclear Medicine,  and Research Director, Department of Nuclear Medicine, University of Massachusetts, Worcester, MA.
1997 Research Professor Radiology and Physics, and Adjunct Professor Biomedical Engineering, Vanderbilt University.

National Academy of Sciences Committees:
– Committee on Atomic Casualties (1964-68), BEIR III Comm. (1978-80).
– CDC: Hanford Thyroid Disease Study, Oversight Comm. (1999-2003),
– RECA Committee to Assess Scientific Information for Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program (2002-2005)

– National Institutes of Health: NCI Chernobyl Study Group (1992-2006).

National Council on Radiation Protection: Committees to assess:
– Risk to Thyroid From Ionizing Radiations (2001-2008);
– Uncertainty in Radiation Risk Estimation (2009-2012)

Society of Nuclear Medicine:
– Chair, Computer Committee: 1970-78 and Council 1978-79:
– Chair, Radiation Effects Ionizing Radiation (REIR) Committee: 1982-90, and

member, Medical Internal Radiation Dose (MIRD) Comm. 1999-present.


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